Orange Business Services prefers Ablon's Gateway Office building

Orange Business Services has decided to renegotiate its current lease in Ablon's Gateway Office building. „After researching its opportunities on the market the French telecom company decided to stay due to the location, the nice office environment and being a good value for money option.” said Kata Mazsaroff, Head of Tenant Representation of Colliers International to the OGH News Agency.

GatewayOffice Park, opened in 2008, received “Very Good” ratings both for asset performance and building management performance. Besides several Hungarian projects, only a few Polish, Czech and Lithuanian buildings were granted BREEAM In-Use ratings in the region, but none of them received such a high rating so far. “This office building was built and is currently being managed by ABLON Group according to its own environmentally-conscious standards, therefore we are very pleased with the “very good” rating, since this confirms that we are on the right path” - said Adrienn Lovro, Hungarian Country Manager of Ablon Group.

As Kata Mazsaroff, Head of Tenant representation of Colliers International informed the OGH News Agency, the French telecom company, Orange Business Services occupies 781 m2 of office area at the moment in Ablon's Gateway Office building.

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2020. 02. 22.

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