Prologis Europe Launches Property Search iPhone App

Prologis, Inc., the leading global owner, operator and developer of industrial real estate, today announced the launch of an iPhone app for its customers and real estate agents looking for facilities in Europe.

The Prologis EU App, which is free to download from the Apple app store, allows users to search and map Prologis locations throughout Europe, including Central & Eastern Europe. It uses GPS to locate the nearest available property and shows maps, photographs and driving directions. The app integrates seamlessly with the iPhone, allowing users to email or telephone the relevant contact quickly and easily.


“As businesses become increasingly dependent on the speed and availability of information, we believe it is very important for our customers to have access to our leading network of European locations while on the move," said Philip Dunne, president of Prologis Europe.

 “We’re delighted with this new app, which gives our CEE customers the ability to easily explore opportunities in other European countries.  By providing this service we aim to support our customers’ growth and help them develop the most optimal supply chain networks,” added Ben Bannatyne, managing director & regional head for Prologis Central & Eastern Europe.


In Europe Prologis owned or had investments in, on a wholly-owned basis or through co-investment ventures, properties and development projects totalling 13.5 million square metres in 14 countries. In Central & Eastern Europe, Prologis portfolio totals more than 3.6 million square metres, making it the leading provider of distribution facilities in the region as of September 30, 2013.


To download the app, search for Prologis EU in the Apple app store.

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